New moon, new beginnings

It's been a great ride, all the miles and all the time spent in seats of trains, planes, rickshaws, ferries, tuk-tuks, saddles, buses, cars and on bikes, camels, elephants, every which way.

I love to travel. As a daughter of an airline pilot I began my life of travel at an early age. At seventeen I took a job as a waitress in a coffee shop in the Swiss Alps.  From there I went to college in Utah and moved to Montana to work as a botanist and later, an overseas tour leader. My travels take me into the wilds of the west where I enjoy days on a river or hikes into the mountains, sometimes with people, often alone. I love to take groups to wild places and to cultured places, places that are curious and interesting. We travel to Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Islands and Asia. Our last trip was Cuba, we practiced yoga, drank rum and ate way too much, it was a blast.

I listen, I read, I wander and my circles get wider. I love the lightness of my being when I travel. It is the chance to leave behind my old, rigid ways and open to new ways of seeing, listening, feeling.  I love to see distant places I've read about or find countries that I have dreamt about. The sights and sounds of far away places inspire me. The scents often overlay the sights and sounds and can speed me back to a moment in time, somewhere far away. A slight scent of cardamon and I am back in my Swedish grandmother's kitchen. The sharp smell of burning cedar brings me to the high desert of Utah. All my senses come alive when I travel and they weave together rich memories.

With the new moon comes new beginnings. Leaving behind my job of 32 years, I am now working for myself. It is a life of curiosity, renewal and joy. I am grateful for every step, every seat, that brought me here.

"Kim is a seasoned traveler beginning her interest in the early seventies, backpacking Europe.‎ She demonstrates an easy confidence as a tour guide now. When I traveled with Kim one would never know of any hiccups in arrangements due to her quiet solving ability and ever present good nature.  I look forward to traveling with Kim again. Lots and lots of learning and good fun." Neil Boyd, Canada